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Putting the Financial Adviser at the centre of the client relationship

Build a successful and profitable SMSF Business

If your SMSF Administration service has you and your team spending too much time on mundane administrative tasks or on things that you thought you had outsourced, then it's time to reclaim that time.

Keep It Simple Super team

Introducing the KISS Way

SMSF Administration services that rely on simple workflows that remove complexity and give you back your time.

 The KISS Way = Simple

Every time consuming, mundane SMSF task has been put under our “Simple” microscope to find the way to make it just that…SIMPLE.


We call it the KISS Way. 

  • With over 20 years specialist experience our team handles SMSFs of all shapes and sizes and at any stage of the SMSF lifecycle. Our SMSF Administration package includes your client’s BGL Simple Fund 360 subscription and we co-ordinate the audit with our preferred provider. We even arrange property valuation reports for residential and commercial properties to save you time.

  • We optimise the speed at which real time reports can be produced for Transfer Balance Report associated with mid-year pensions commencements and commutations. We regularly monitor feeds and process transactions, so we are constantly working to keep our SMSFs as up to date as possible ready for contribution and other strategic planning.

  • Every aspect of tax reporting is covered by our service including GST reporting and obtaining actuarial certificates for pension exemption calculations.  We also manage all SuperStream reporting ensuring contribution data is being received and rollovers and release authorities are attended to in the required timeframes.

  • We think having a corporate trustee is so beneficial for your SMSF structure that unlike most providers we don’t charge to be the ASIC Agent.  Instead taking care of the annual corporate compliance for SMSF Trustee and Limited Recourse Borrowing Custodian Companies is just another part of our service.

  • Our Document Agent Service is available to any Financial Adviser who engage us. It delivers specialist lawyer written and issued documents providing valuable protection for your SMSF clients.

  • We work with you to find the simplest way to receive the data we need to keep your SMSF clients up to date saving you and your clients valuable time and money.  Where possible, documents are packaged up ready for digital signing.

  • Our ASIC and Tax Payment Service is just another way we save you time while making sure your SMSF clients avoid late payment penalties.

  • We have a wealth of SMSF knowledge that we freely share with the Advisers that use our service. Our service provides practical insights and tools to help you deliver better client outcomes, including our permanent records review.  Our investment strategy template has been developed with our preferred leading auditor to comply with Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements.

  • We utilise BGL’s two-factor authenticated platform to securely exchange information with you and we can tailor notifications to your team so everything flows just how you want it to.

  • We see ourselves as an extended part of your team and provide you with clear progress reporting so you know exactly how we are helping to keep your SMSF clients compliant.

  • Our package also included a Quarterly SMSF Newsletter that you can provide to your clients. We have partnered with Best Practice SMSF to produce the Newsletter. They also provide Videos, Guides and Checklists that are available at a discount for our clients.

Our Service for Finacial Advisers

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Changing SMSF Administrators is also simple. We approach the onboarding process the same way we do everything else.

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